The Messy Top Knot

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The Messy Top Knot Tutorial

Steps :
1 : Make a High pony tail at the top of your head
2 : Take a brush and comb your hair all the way through and tease it a bit if you have perfect straight hair so that it becomes a little wavy and messy.
3 : If you don’t have a lot of volume then tease the strands of your hair a lot more so that it will look fuller.
4 : Twist the hair around your hand and around the bottom of your pony tail ( Look at the picture.)
5 : Pull the end of your hair through this as shown in the picture and make a knot or put in few pins in the insides or a small clutch.
6 : Tease your hair again and style the top knot. Pull out few strands and spray some hair spray if needed.

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