Dry Water Marble Nail Tutorial

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Dry Water Marble Nail Tutorial

Steps :

  1. Apply your base color to a zip-loc bag.
  2. Add a few more colors to marble with. Use a toothpick and draw lines to combine the colors.
  3. He're the finished look. Allow to dry a couple of hours.
  4. Apply base color while waiting for the marble to dry.
  5. Once dry use tweezers to lift from plastic.
  6. You can either peel off the entire section or cut off a piece at a time.
  7. I recommend cutting a small piece. The polish is thin and will fold over on itself.
  8. Apply the cut section to your nail. Your nail polish must be slightly wet/tacky in order for the marble to adhere!!!
  9. Press the marble into the tacky polish like you're applying a nail decal. Remember to cover the edge. Use your tweezers or toothpick to push through. I like to use scissors but I don't recommend them. Thn tear off the excess .
  10. Apply your favorite topcoat and don't forget to cover your edges. and You're done!

Source : Dry Water Marble + Tutorial

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